About Coach Ray Inspires

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide empowering, supportive, and transformative coaching, presentations, and services to allow our youth and communities to become the best and most successful versions of themselves.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the positive catalyst that helps our youth and communities grow, elevate and become the change that they need in this world.

Who Am I?

My name is Ray Colston and I am here to change the world for the better.

I am an Amazon Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Educator, Certified Life Coach, Youth Pastor, and local high school Football Coach. I have and will continue to work tirelessly in our local communities to help the youth achieve their purpose and reach their personal life goals.  

I specialize in providing diverse tools, collaborative strategies, and unparalleled support for the youth by working with what I believe are the four most important factors in their lives; their schools, parents, communities, and their self-confidence.


The youth are the next generation and without proper guidance, accountability, support and genuine care, they will not be successful. 

My Story

Developing and working with the youth has been a sincere passion of mine for over the past 20 years. I started working with the youth at 18 years old when I started coaching youth football.  Since then I have worked in education for over 16 years starting as a Teacher's Assistant in Special Education, Student Support Specialist and currently an ISS Coordinator.  Along with working in education, I have coached football for over 19 years on the youth, middle and high school levels. Coaching football is where I found my passion for working with the youth.  Which is what led me to create this company.  I believe that there are four pillars in the life of the youth that if all are working together on one accord can ensure the success of any student. 

What I Will Do To Improve Your Life And/Or Organization

I will be help you, your family or organization:

  •  Build up positive relationships with students, their families, faculty/staff and the surrounding community.
  • Help cut discipline issues amongst the students in your schools, teams, organizations and the surrounding communities.
  • Be a collaborative cornerstone in all partnerships, demonstrating servant leadership, clear communication and unwavering support.


  • In May of 2020, I was selected as the Mentor of the Month by Semper Fidelis Marine Corp All American Program.  
  • That same year, I was awarded the Black Men of Excellence Award for Best Male Mentor/Best Author.  
  • Currently, I am the Youth Pastor of First Baptist Church South Hill, located in Chesapeake, VA.  
  • For the past decade, I have been an active Coach and Mentor in the lives of countless young people in the Hampton Roads area and assisted them and families with building necessary life skills and preparing them to elevate to the next levels of life. Of these former clients, numerous have gone on to start their own businesses, successfully attend college, become better student-athletes, join the armed forces or enter the workforce in a job field that they love and are thriving in.

Success is a team effort. By not only working with the youth and their families but also with our local educational institutions and community organizations, I strive to connect with and support all parties in order for real change and positive impacts to be created.